5 year old learning to fly cast

In lieu of ‘Thorax Thursday’ this week while keeping with the fly fishing theme, I bring you ‘Toddler Tuesday’ or ‘5 year old learning to fly cast’.  Today my son asked if he could try to cast my fly rod while I was practicing fly casting.  Obviously you can’t miss an opportunity to foster the interest and teach a young kid to fly cast like that when it presents itself so we took the rod I had on me playing with my new line (8 weight) and started to get him some of the basics as best I could in the 10 minutes before nightfall.  Thumb on top etc.  What you can’t tell from the video because it is getting dark and the perspective is weird is that he is actually casting about 20 – 25 feet with an 8 weight rod and line.  He isn’t the next Lefty Kreh but for a 5 year old with an oversized rod, I’m pretty darn proud of him.  Next time I’ll bust out the 3 weight and give him a fighting chance!!!

Now get out there and catch your dinner!!!