Fishing GPS Coordinates

Fishing GPS Coordinates…  They make life a whole heck of a lot easier in waters that you don’t have local familiarity with.  During several of my trips to eastern NC I found that at times good fishing spots were difficult to locate and at times the locals wouldn’t give them up.  Eventually I scoured public sources on the web and build a database of the fishing points I found.   Currently there are over 10,000 points indexed in the spreadsheet, mostly saltwater points, but a few freshwater mixed in there as well.

Some of the points included are artificial reefs, there are known shipwrecks, known obstructions and other natural formations for you to take the gps coordinates and enter into your Garmin or other GPS Navigation Unit.

To use the spreadsheet, download it and enter your starting gps coordinates into the boxes in the upper left of the spreadsheet.  There are formulas built in to calculate the distance from that point in miles, nautical miles and kilometers.

While I know it isn’t all inclusive and doesn’t include much for my local area surrounding Lake Wylie, I felt it was a valuable resource for folks as they travel for summer vacation and may find themselves with a bit of time to go fishing.

Download the current version of the file >HERE<

Now get out there and catch your dinner!!!

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