Fishing Lake Wylie

Fishing Lake Wylie provides and excellent opportunity to catch catfish and largemouth bass that are easily accessible from the Charlotte Metro area with several public access boat launches.  The lake covers approximately 13,400 acres of North and South Carolina.

The lake is heavily used during the summer with a significant amount of boat and Jet Ski traffic.  The main channel can be challenging to fish during warmer months as the wake generated by the traffic can make the lake pretty choppy.  There are plenty of inlets, coves and creeks where you can pull into and avoid the main lake traffic and fish in relative peace.

There is a strong largemouth bass population on the lake and it is a stop on the FLW: Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League.  It is a challenging lake as it is pretty much devoid of a lot of the cover that bass enjoy.  There are very few areas with any sort of Lilly pads, reeds or weeds.

Lake Wylie used to have the reputation as an exceptional crappie lake, while there is still a population there; it seems to have declined somewhat and given rise to white perch which can be caught in a similar manner and habitat.

Catfish are also a key fishing choice on the lake with abundant channel catfish and increasing catches of blue catfish beginning to be common as of late.  They represent a great opportunity for taking children fishing on the lake due to the sheer number of small to medium sized catfish in the lake.  Taking my 5 year old son fishing for catfish rarely leaves him disappointed.  They catfish are particularly active in the lower reaches of the lake when the dam is generating power and the water is flowing causing a current in the lake.

Wyliefisherboy caught this catfish on the north side of Goat Island. He managed to land it himself!
Wyliefisherboy caught this catfish on the north side of Goat Island. He managed to land it himself!

There are public boat launches at Ebenezer Park in Rock Hill.  The Marina and Pitcairn Park in Tega Cay (however be warned that you need a parking pass from the City of Tega Cay or they will be quick to ticket you with a hefty fine).  Nivens Creek off of Dam Road near Tega Cay (no need for a parking pass here).  There is a large ramp on the town of Lake Wylie side of the Buster Boyd Bridge on Highway 49 (near t-bones).  The South Point Boat Ramp in Gaston County a few miles south of Belmont NC.  The Copperhead Access area in Mecklenburg County.  The Allison Creek Access Area also has a boat launch.

There are currently 6 fish attractors maintained by the SC Department of Natural Resources at these locations and marked by yellow buoys.  Please do not anchor directly on these attractors as that will cause them damage, anchor several yards away and cast to them.

Site Latitude Longitude
1 35° 0′ 54.00″ 81° 0′ 38.02″
2 35° 2′ 39.01″ 81° 4′ 23.99″
3 35° 2′ 37.00″ 81° 5′ 28.00″
4 35° 4′ 09.01″ 81° 4′ 23.99″
5 35° 6′ 11.02″ 81° 4′ 23.02″
6 35° 8′ 43.01″ 81° 3′ 22.00″

The Lake Wylie Dam is on Dam Road near the city of Tega Cay in SC.  There have been some improvements in the Fort Mill Access Area just below the dam with a paved walking trail, paved overlooks with railings that can support screw on type rod holders.  The improvements make the area usable by fisherman with disabilities by allowing for wheelchair affording wheelchair access to these paved overlooks.

Wyliefisherboy fishing below the Lake Wylie Dam
Wyliefisherboy fishing below the Lake Wylie Dam.

There is also a boat ramp that is useful for kayaks or Jon-boats (boats with something other than a trolling motor would be pretty risky).  It is shallow and rocky in the area, with strong currents when the dam is making power so please keep that in mind when determining whether to use a watercraft in this area.  It can be hazardous with large fluctuations in water level and current so beware.  Once the horn on the dam sounds, there isn’t much time before the water ramps up and raises sometimes up to several feet.

Now get out there and catch your dinner!!!


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