Nivens Creek Landing Fishing Report

Nivens Creek Landing Fishing Report – 3/26/16

Ben and I took a quick break to do a little fishing close to home and give a brief Nivens Creek Landing Fishing Report.   The target on this trip were Bream just to have something to do since the Largemouth Bass are still pre-spawn.  We spent several hours fishing around the launch and traffic on the lake was very light, the ramps were idle most of the day.

Nivens Creek Landing Fishing Report 3/26/16.
Ben fishing for bream with a light spinning rod.

The few bass boats that returned while we were there had caught eight to ten largemouth each and all said the bass were in their pre-spawn patterns.  I did catch one largemouth by accident and threw him back as he was a baby.

Overall we had a good day, a dozen bream on light tackle and redworms for fun and Ben is starting to get the idea of how a spinning rod works so he may be looking to change over from his zebco in the near future!  We did try a few different baits to see what we could pick up from shore; on this particular day it seemed that the fish were only interested in redworms.  We tried a few hunks of rotten cheese for catfish, some curly tail grubs with no luck.  Many times it seems just old natural baits do best.

We rigged up for the most part with a hand tied rig similar to the setup used for surf fishing, down-sized for panfish.  1/2 ounce of weight on 6 lb test mono with 2 size 6 hooks tied off of the main line on dropper loops and a small sliding float pegged about a foot above to keep the whole mess vertical.  The rig produces as I hoped, with Ben landing a few ‘doubles’.

From  what we saw, it seems like the bass should start to heat up in another week or two and it’ll be time to fire up the boat and try to catch some largemouth.