Review of Abu-Garcia Record 60HC


The Abu-Garcia Record 60HC is a sturdy well made round reel that is up to the task for heavy fresh or light saltwater action.   And by sturdy, I mean it can take some abuse such as my 5 year old fishing buddy Ben dropping it onto rip-rap and it still coming up fighting.  Mine shows plenty of use, but has taken it like a champ.  The Abu-Garcia Record 60HC can easily handle all but the largest game.  I wouldn’t flinch at targeting larger fish such as some of the larger catfish species (Blue or Flathead).  I would also be confident with some pretty substantial saltwater fish that have the potential to run or put up a heck of a fight (Smaller Sharks, Bluefish, Jacks, Cobia, False Albacore).  You aren’t going to target a Marlin with it, but for most inshore/near-shore saltwater species, the Abu-Garcia Record 60HC could get the job done for you.

At $150.00 – $200.00 dollars depending on where you buy it, it is in the same cost league as the Abu-Garcia REVO series, but more versatile due to the line capacity.  I have and use Abu-Garcia REVOs and like them, but this is my go-to reel because of the flexibility to use it on bigger game in saltwater (even the surf with heavy weights).  For a purely bass fishing trip, the Abu-Garcia REVO does edge out the Abu-Garcia Record series with it’s braking system being a bit more evolved.  Even with its flaws which mostly surround the plastic parts, it is still one of my favorite reels.

The Good about the Abu-Garcia Record 60HC:

  • High Capacity 310 yds or 30 lb braid
  • Strong Carbon Matrix Drag 15 lbs
  • Smooth operation
  • Handles Braid well
  • Casts quite well once 6 pin centifugal brake system is set properly
  • High profile, but still comfortable with the thumb bar on
  • Removable thumb bar
  • Corrosion resistant bearings

The Bad about the Abu-Garcia Record 60HC

  • Brake washer is prone to break with frequent adjustment due to brittle plastic and the brakes can sometimes not click easily into place.
  • Clicker switch can be brittle and break.
  • A little pricey but far superior to Chinese made AbuGarcia round reels.
  • It’s slightly heavy 11.8 oz

To get one for yourself; Amazon currently has the best price and you can pick one up at the following link: Buy From

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