Thorax Thursday – Fly-Tying – Beady Eyed Woolly Bugger

In this weeks Thorax Thursday fly-tying video I’ll be tying a #10 Beady Eyed Woolly Bugger.  Since last week’s video was more comedy than instructional in the end, I decided to take another crack at tying a variant of this very useful fly.

There are probably as many ways to tie the woolly bugger pattern as there are fly-fisherman.  In this particular case I opt for all black with eyes made from 2 balls from a bead chain in silver without a rib running down it.  The eyes do make the fly nose heavy so it does tend to dive and the black color makes it look like a leech.

If you haven’t watched last week’s video, it’s good for a chuckle.  And yes I did manage to clean up all of that head cement I dumped on my fly-tying station.

Now get out there and catch your dinner!!!